Friday, January 30, 2009

Scram Jones - Yes We Can f. Rhymefest, Haffa & Saigon (Video)

Here’s the official video from Scram Jones, ‘RhymeFest, Haffa & Saigon taken from 2dopeboyz

pipe City -Bar Refaeli

Yeah, she’s hot. Bar Refaeli is known for her modeling work and for her relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio.

Kurupt reppin Shaolin ?

Big upskis to J.Glaze, dude is serious behind the boards....This is some footage from the past Vh1 Hip-Hop Honors while Kurupt was in town. this was taken from the Cloudkicker blog

Hollywood HOLT

I saw Holt perform at Love last September, had a chance to chat with him before he performed very cool very dude.

Ryan Leslie-Album Leak

Thank you to Heather from who put me on to Ryan Leslie... Support this DUDE !!!

Ryan Leslie's Album Drops from Ryan Leslie on Vimeo.

Mickey Factz- 1 guy 1 Jar Reaction

I saw this on MELO-X's blog and i had to share....

Monday, January 26, 2009

Congrats to Emilio Rojas

Congrats to Emilio Rojas for getting his video in rotation on MTVU


Pipe City -Lori Loughlin

She is most famous for playing Aunt Becky in Full House. She is a MILF super HOT !!!!!

Only YE

A message from kwest on Vimeo.

Holy Crazy Crap! Obama Action Figure Will Kick Your Ass

If you are wondering if newly anointed President Obama will kick the shit out of you, just take a look at this awesome action figure of President Obama as he fights Darth Vader. This is a Japanese figure, we know, Japan is ahead of the game in every aspect when it comes to technology, fashion, toys etc… but they have really upped the ante with this badass figurine.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Joaquin Phoenix Raps & then Falls Off Stage

Epic Fail

The Rules of Attraction

This movie rules,I <3 shannyn sossamon. Jessica Biel is pipe city in this one too.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Big upskies to the Dude CLIFF SKIGHWALKER very cool radio show tonight enjoyed the tunes, Dude i have to buy these lol and yeah brosef imma have the wifey sleep on the sidewalk the night before for a pair of Yeezys. I need a burn rubber fitted lol

Scott Baio Bmore style lol

So its been a minute since i was on Cant Afford The Fabric first post I see the DLake video... LOL at the Scott Baio reference

Friday, January 16, 2009

Super Mario Drums

Super Mario Brothers # 3

Super Mario Brothers # 2

Super Mario Brothers # 1

Aloe Blacc , Cook Classics & VIMBY

Aloe Blacc and Cook Classics "The Warriors" recording session from Cook Classics on Vimeo.

Aloe Blacc is recording his verse off the upcoming VIMBY mixtape, The New Classics.


Electronic press kit for Che Grand's debut album "Everything's Good Ugly" - COMING SOON.

Download 2dopeboyz Presents Che Grand - Breakfast @ Wimbledon HERE Big up to Shake & Meka

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pipe City -Salma hayek

Her breasts are a gift from god:

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

MF DOOM - Ballskin

DOOM is back with a new track “Ballskin” which is suppose to be off his new upcoming album, Born Like This, coming later this year.. Shout out to ON Smash for the information.

Click here to hear NEW DOOM !!!!!!!

Here is a Top notch Doom Track

MF Doom - Vomitspit

Take it like the good, the bad, the ugly Break it rollin through ya hood in the cadi buggy Butter softy, leather flossy, fatty juggy
Always threw me off when she told me daddy funk me

Ultimate Warrior Anti-Smoking PSA

Was he eating those cigarettes at the start, or did he just have all of them in his mouth at once?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Get To Know Print....

Big Ups to the Rebel for emailing me this....
I got two new viral videos to share with y'all today from my dude Print, whose been locked in the Matrix steady doing his thing. The first link is his EPK:

Print Presents: Comic Books Unlimited 2009 from Print on Vimeo.

And the second link is a behind the scenes look at "Super Friends" music video shoot: Comic Books Unlimited looks to be shaping up quite nicely

Print Presents: Super Friends Behind the Scenes from Print on Vimeo.

Jake The Snake Roberts

Nothing compares to old school WWF, I spent the better part of my childhood watching wrestling, back in the day i used to get hyped how WWF used to book there matches I think it was because you didnt know what was going to happen didnt wrestling seem real then? I still watch Monday night Raw but its not the same. Wrestling has become stale maybe its the investment of character that is lost nowadays, granted wrestling fans of today like any other fans have the Internet at there disposal to get extra or background information, back in the day we didn't have that all we had was what we saw on television. So I was reading on twitter today a discussion btw Pete Rosenberg ,Pumpkin head and Wale about the Blind fold match btw Jake the Snake and Rick Martel at Wrestlemaina 7. So after that I had to re-watch the Jake The Snake DVD Pick Your Poison. The best part of the DvD is the documentary. Jake had a crazy childhood, his dad was dating his grandmother when he had sex with her 13 year old daughter. Jake was raised by his grandparents on his father's side. His grandfather was an alcoholic. When his grandmother died, he moved in with his father. While his father was on the road, his step-mother tried to seduce him. He then moved in with his mother and step-father. His younger sister married a middle aged man while she was still in her teens. She was murdered by the man's ex-wife and her body was never recovered.

Jake the Snake Roberts was that guy even thought he never won a WWF championship. How can you hate Jake Roberts the dude created one of the greatest finishing moves in history the DDT. When asked what the initials DDT stood for, he replied "The End." Throughout his career he was known being a wordsmith Jake Roberts promos,were intense his charisma had underlying dark tones, and i believe he is a founding father of using psychology in matches. Jake Roberts would be kinda like that cool but creepy uncle in your family that hangs with snakes and can kick ur ass if you piss him off.

This is the incident that led to the blindfold match between Roberts and Martel at Wrestlemania VII

WWF WrestleMania 7 Jake The Snake Roberts vs The Model Rick The Model Martel

God this match goes to show how much the wrestling has gone to shit. When the crowd goes ape shit over a match that only had 2 maybe 3 wrestling moves thats something amazing. A whole episode of Raw now can not create that much energy.

lets throw in a jake Roberts Promo for good measure...

Monday, January 12, 2009

Neil Patrick Harris on SNL

Rarely do I watch SNL these days but that sketch was good. Doogie howser was great show. Hulu has all 4 seasons on there site.

do you like turtles?

this kid does

nothing compares to the Ninja turtles though

Friday, January 9, 2009

Barack and Spiderman!! FIST BUMP OF AWESOMENESS

Marty McFly Format Mag Interview

Marty McFly is a up and coming Hip Hop artist outta the middle class suburbs of Central New Jersey. He's the first project out of MurphyGroupNYC.

Marty describes his music as
"I make music for people who can relate to me. Relate to my sound, my lyrics, my emotion. I want people to listen to my music and say, Wow! That is exactly how I feel about it. It's as if he is speaking to me, for me" - Marty McFly

Shortly after the release of Marty debut song closest thing to heaven he got a interview with format mag for the vocal tone section. Check it out..... Click Here

Click here to listen to "Closest Thing to Heaven" off of his upcoming premier mixtape "The 25th Hour".


The King Turns 72

Remember the King on his birthday today by watching all of the 31 movies he ever did.

Actually, I'll just give you the plots to all his films:

"A poor or rich, motorcycle stunt man (or solider or cliff diver or boxer cowboy or bum or convict or karate instructor or fitness instructor or struggling actor or pilot or doctor or 'a twin' or race car driver or son of a rich oilman) sings and romances lady."

Happy Birthday Elvis! - She’s a Star

So I was reading my girl H.E.R blog and peeped the new video. First off let me say I was never a fan, but after i saw the video to She's a Star, I had to listen to his entire album "Songs About Girls" with the exception of "I Got It from My Mama", "Songs About Girls" isnt half bad.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


"Landscape" By Artist Antoinette J. Citizen

Taken from Ye's Blog
Mario World brought to life, complete with question-marked boxes that ba-bing! when you bump them (or, in this case, press a little button on the underside of the box). Painted-on pipes and pixelated clouds flesh out the rest of the scene.

The Japanese are the masters of all that is awesome!

Bacon Flavored Bubblegum

WTF!? I don’t think this will catch on lol

Mickey Factz - Thinking Out Loud

Factz does what Ye couldn't with this beat IMO

Click here to listen

THC presents: How to roll a blunt !

Click here for the myspace

Cloud Kicker x Flip Cam


Monday, January 5, 2009

Print's SUPER FRIENDS Ft. Lots of talented Emcees

So my Brosef Print put out a mixtape called Comic Books vol.1 Click here to download it .Here is the posse cut entitled "Super Friends" from Print as Superman, Mickey Factz as Silver Surfer,Fresh Daily, as Spider Man, Strictly Business as Wolverine, 6th Sense as the Thing, Oddisee as the Archangel, Outasight as Gambit,Rahsaan as Iceman,Wordspit as Static, LiveWire as Batman,Von Pea (of Tanya Morgan) as Plastic Man,P.CASSO as Green Lantern,Homeboy Sandman as Sandman andTheophilus London as Cyclops.

Click Here for Super friends track

In The Studio Recording the "Superfriends" track from 6th Sense on Vimeo.

Pipe City -Dania Ramirez

If you dont know Dania Ramirez ,she is known for playing a recurring character during the last season of The Sopranos and as Maya Herrera in Heroes. No idea what her "super power" is or what her role is on Heroes. Heroes has fallen off. Here she is in the January issue of Maxim.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Jean Grae / Talib Kweli / 9th Wonder

Footage of Jean Grae, Kweli and 9th performing in NYC’s Fat Beats to promote Grae’s “Jeanius” release. Let it be known to the world i heart Jean Grae

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Pipe City -Padma Lakshmi


For those that don't know, she is the host of Top Chef. I would do such dirty things to her. This girl is in my Top 3 girls of who I want to bang the most.....something about her, she is just extremely beautiful and she has a sick scar on her arm......Her voice is so seducing, soo subtle and her body movement/language is so sexy!....

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Best night of TV ever

So im going back and forth in my New Years tv watching this year, There is a Spider-Man animated series marathon on and the classic The HoneyMooners marathon on ch 11 wpix. so im going back an forth in tv goodness as I type this.

For it era The Honeymooners reflected the blue collar existence of its characters. The Kramdens' and the Nortons were dirt poor. I think thats what appealed to viewers , relatable characters Ralph and Alice would fight constantly, but at the end of the day there was an unspeakable love. After just one season, Gleason and CBS agreed to cancel The Honeymooners, after 39 episodes (this is taken from wiki so i don know how true it is )explaining his decision to end the show with $7 million remaining on his contract Gleason said, "the excellence of the material could not be maintained, and I had too much fondness for the show to cheapen it" Gleason subsequently sold the films of the "Classic 39" episodes of the show to CBS for $1.5 million.The Honeymooners gained its greatest fame in syndication, where it has aired almost continually since its cancellation. for more than four decades, there is a marathon on ch 11... fyi the flintstones, king of queens are lossly based on The Honeymooners.

Spider-Man: The Animated Series ran for five seasons (65 episodes) the series tells the story of a nineteen year old Peter Parker in his first year at Empire State University, and his alter-ego Spider-Man. the only real issue i have with this series is, it doesnt go with the comic books. There was a heavy censorship being enforced by Fox