Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Outasight: Good Evening(Dream Big)

Go to this

MeLo-X Live in Cork, Ireland

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Vimby X The Sneaktip

YEAHH C hack !!!!!!!!

You should be at this

I would be there if i didn't have car trouble

Donny Goines In XXL Mag’s Show & Prove Section

Be sure to check out June’s issue of XXL mag to see his “Show In Prove” feature.
My dude Donny congrats brother !!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pipe city - Brooke LaBarbera

Brooke LaBarbera is best know for The Real World Denver and the Real world road rules challenges.

Terry Urban interview

Tuesday my guest on the radio was Terry Urban below are some flicks of the interview provided by Evan. Terry is a cool dude support.

Emilio Sparks interviews Terry Urban from CloudKickers on Vimeo.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"Best in Show."

P.CASSO- Best In Show feat. VonPea of Tanya Morgan and Homeboy Sandman from PCASSO on Vimeo.

P.CASSO and director SurealPhobia present "Best in Show." Co staring Homeboy Sandman and VonPea of Tanya Morgan. Featuring cameos from the AOK Collelctive. It's more like a movie than a video, PSO i hope "Ghost story" is the next video.


Recently Fresh Daily and Daniel Joseph were in the studio with DJ Spinna reworking the classic “Summer Madness”
for DJ Spinna’s highly anticipated “Sonic Smash” LP, dropping June 30th, featuring the likes of Phonte of Little Brother, Elzhi of Slum Village, Jigmastas, Fresh Daily and many others.

if you havent a clue of the sample (same on you if you dont know) its a song by Kool and the gang

Illmind on the beat!!!

Illmind does entrance theme for Filipino boxer Nonito Donaire. ILL spoke about this a few weeks ago and I was Hyped to hear the track so here it is

Monday, April 20, 2009

For today.... Thor shows us how it's done.

Happy Holiday for those that partake in the Bombazee




Pushing Buddens from jeff on Vimeo.

LoJ Interview w/ Emilio Sparks

Loj stops by the radio show WSIA 88.9 fm tuesday nights 10 pm till 2 am

LoJ Interview w/ Emilio Sparks from LoJ on Vimeo.

Shouts to the whole NEG crew, whats good King pin Kel !!!!!

JoeBuddenTV Need I say more

I said it before and ill say it again Budden needs a reality TV show

Redman - Shade45 Freestyle

Whats good DOC

Drake - Every Girl, Successful, Brand New (Live @ SUNY Purchase, 4/17/09)

As seen on 5starhiphop

21 seconds in peep the cloudy tee, its a movement PPL I swear Cloudkickers.com

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


lets throw in a Self Breast Exam

Olivia teaches us all

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Joe Budden TV : TAHIRI WOW !

Damn, Shawty got cake

Eminem - “We Made You ” (Mike Cash REMIX)

I’m a Night Owl, and I’m a Cyclops

Even though the movie has fallen off at the box office, JustSomeRandomGuy attempts to make everything relevant.

Hot Girls+Light Sabers=WIN

I don't know about anyone else but this is what Easter means to me not PreChristian Europe regarded rabbits as fertility symbols & of the Spring. The "easter" bunny brings eggs another fertility symbol, double fertility for the season of rebirth & "Resurrection" ( thanks to Deep of the 2 hungry brothers for that information). Awesome fake commercial via Adam Green. Enjoy

Captain America Cufflinks Keep You Classy

Show the world you’re a classy fellow with a pair of Captain America cufflinks. And only $50 too!

JUMP SMOKERS - My Flow So Tight (Anti-Breezy) Chris Brown

my flow so tight and the beats so sick
my flow so tight and the beats so sick
chris brown should get his ass kicked
chris brown should get his ass kicked

Friday, April 10, 2009

Jesus on Good Friday

George Stroumboulopoulos gives the writers a lesson on the history of Good Friday. Go Jesus!

Steve Austin ECW Shoot promo

Talking ECW Wrestling with the brosefMario i remembered Steve Austin cut the best Promo in ECW. Stone Cold always had character about him, the same Character we see in WWE. Clearly we see that by this video. Everything he said, "no one can stop me." and "ill be the superstar i always knew i could be" - dead on correct. He became legendary!!! The irony of it all is that Eric Bishoff dismissed Steve Austin as being nothing more than a midcarder at best, fired him & didn't have a second thought about it... well until he got hired by WWF & the Attitude era was started by none other than Steve himself. Steve was (Arguably) the biggest star in the the company in the time of the Highest ratings the WWF/E ever had. So if you think about it, it was Steve who killed WCW.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

pipe city- Electrik Red

R&B group Electrik Red are four vocalists signed to Def Jam, they debuted in late 2008 with "Drink in My Cup," produced by The Dream. Cliff Skighwalker put me on to these spicy Mija's

This is Cool


Wednesday, April 8, 2009


A Love Supreme Sessions - The South By Southwest Medley from DRG Films on Vimeo.

"A Love Supreme Sessions" - The Release

Keep checking YoThurz.com Thurzday we need to get up

A Love Supreme Sessions - The Release from DRG Films on Vimeo.

Blu + Tanya Morgan + DJ Low Key @SXSW

RH TV: Tanya Morgan ft. Blu "Morgan Blu" from Ruby Hornet on Vimeo.

The Roots - "Concerto of the Desperado"

G.O.A.T. status.

?uest we need to do an interview !!!!

The Joker Figure

A little Megan fox to start the day


Monday, April 6, 2009

Marvel Super Heroes: What The –?!

via Marvel

“Marvel Super Heroes: What The–?!” continues Marvel’s tradition of comic book satires as made popular in the Marvel comic book series “NOT BRAND ECHH” (from the 1960s) and “What The–?!” (from the 1990s). This time around, it’s not only a new millennium but a new medium, with Marvel exercising its might in the world of stop-motion animation.

Sunday Funday

I have a cold. Wrestlemaina was decent, I'm enjoying some billie Holiday at 3:36 am thats how you spend a sunday....

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Carrera 2.0

Carrera, the eyewear company whose vintage shades have been sought after and collected, has been relaunched. The brand was re-introducted in Europe in 2007 and now the brand will be coming state-side. Four styles have been updated, come in up to 26 color options and retail for $150. I might have to pick up a pair for the born day

Padma From Top Chef...new commercial - hot!!

There are no words

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

pipe City -kat Von D

Kat Von D is a tattoo artist and television personality. She is best known for her work as a featured tattoo artist on the TLC reality television show Miami Ink & LA Ink. Kat Von D is my tattooed Emo princess

“Winterfresh” (Remix) by Fresh Daily, prod. by Flying Lotus

This is my shit this track is so ill that it doesnt need a hook Fresh keep doing what you do. The album drops July 21st!

Winterfresh (Flying Lotus REMIX) - Fresh Daily

I want two scoops of your boobs and thighs


The time has come for the galaxies greatest Hero to present something original for the masses!!! Within this emergence of new music in New York City, Print of Good Day Good Night, indulges the musical senses with his climatic, deeply cinematic, and seductively creative thoughts, in one cohesive piece, entitled, Comic Books: Unlimited. Print of Good Day Good Night, takes us on a journey through the fantastically realistic world of Comic Books, where he merges the universes of Fantasy and Reality, to show that there is a deep correlation between the two. Print takes on the role of mild mannered reporter, Clark Kent, also known as Superman and speaks on many topics such as Love, Loss, State of Affairs, Friendship, Family, Frustration, amongst other things. Print invites many other artists such as Fresh Daily, 6th Sense, Wordspit, Mickey Factz, Cocoa Sarai, Rahsaan, P.Casso, Outasight, 8thW1, Theophilius London, Homeboy Sandman, and many others, to grace their unique styles to the Record. Comic Books: UNLIMITED, is by far one of the best albums set to release APRIL 13, 2009. The Release Party will be April 15, 2009 @ BOB’S”.

Comic Books: Unlimited Trailer from Print on Vimeo.

PreZZure - CanYaFeeliT???

CuDi’s “TGIF” gets the PreZZure treatment.

PreZZure Presents "CanYaFeeliT???" Commercial 3 from Steven Wilson on Vimeo.